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Budo Art is a nonprofit informational site dedicated to the study and preservation of Japanese swords and related artifacts, and is designed for people who love Japanese culture and art.

I also recommend this information to those who practice the Japanese martial arts or are just fascinated by this mysterious world. With my translations,

I want to help all those who aim to expand their knowledge on this subject and want to be more immersed in this wonderful world.

I wish everyone a pleasant stay.


Sincerely Tibor Balogh

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I would like to express my thanks to Markus Sesko for allowing me to translate his articles. So now some of his articles will be available in Hungarian. Definitely worth reading for those who are interested in this topic. Great professional dissertations. Markus is a very significant expert on the subject. I recommend his website to everyone who speaks English:

It was an honour that after contacting Yurie Halchak who runs the Study of Japanese sword website, she gave me permission to translate and post her writings from her site. Yurie is an excellent authority and it is a great honour to have some of her dissertations read here as well. For those who speak English, I highly recommend her site:

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